Day two

We started out early this morning from Roncesvalles. The volunteer from the albergue flipped the lights on at 6, then came around with a guitar singing to everyone to wake up. We did not pre-order breakfast so headed out towards the next couple towns. I guess we were on the trail by 7:00am

It was moist this morning, but not cool. We walked through forest, then the town of Burgete. The trail continued through farmland and we got to Espinal and stopped for breakfast.

It is really a nice trail, sometimes rough, sometimes very stoney. But well taken care of. We had a quick breather at Linzoain before heading in to some hard uphills and slippery downhills.

It rained last night, and we had a little shower along the way also which made for slippery conditions. Everything was going well, navigating the mud and rocks but shortly after I had told our walking companion from Holland about slipping yesterday, I did just that. Another lady had hit the ground in the same spot a few minutes earlier, and the Aussie dad a few minutes behind me did the same thing. Nothing injured, just muddy.

We made it to Zubiri, about 21.9 kms from Roncesvalles. Here we will stay and leave for Pamplona in the morning. The town is apparently named for ‘the town with a bridge’ and the bridge itself dates back to medieval times. Our room over looks the bridge and river. Early to bed tonight, heal some soreness and some minor trail bumps and bruises and head out fresh (and hopefully dry) in the morning!

Buen Camino 🌎❤️


1 thought on “Day two

  1. Awesome posts Carolyn. Love the pictures and the comments. Hopefully you will have better weather very soon. Stay on two feet!


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