Day Three

We left Zubiri after breakfast. The man running the hostel we stayed at fed us this morning as part of our fee. He prepped the table and waited until we were all present before leaving us to eat amongst ourselves. So breakfast was with a gentleman from Quebec, and a couple from Madrid, she who is from Canada originally and he from Italy.

The trail followed the rio Agra through towns and villages, rising and declining all along the way. We left around 8 am and made good time all day, arriving in sunshine to Pamplona around 1pm after about 21 kms.

After a stop at a cafe for lunch, where my lack of Spanish had its first test, we decided to move through the city and try for Cizur Menor, another 5 km out of the city. Luck would have it we found beds at the first albergue for 7 euros.

After showering and trying to do laundry we went to find supper. The nearby restaurant had a Pilgrims meal and we sat with an older lady from Idaho that we had met a few times along the trail and is staying in the same albergue tonight. She is travelling in memory of her late husband who was an avid walker. The couple from Madrid is here also and we chat often with them about various things.

Tomorrow is a big climb again and we are going to see how far we can make it. Hoping for good weather also so the damp clothes we have will dry out a bit!


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