We left San Justo de la Vega a little later than normal as Ally was not feeling well. We crashed pretty hard last night, super tired from the long day. The plan was to take our time and walk towards Cruz de Ferro and stop in Foncebaden. We first travelled through Astorga and stopped at the cathedral.

Astorga is a market town, and even on this Tuesday, people were setting up booths everywhere. We actually lost the way as we could not see any markings because of all the chaos. An little tiny older gentleman told us to follow him and took us back to the path through the city. There was a small church on the outskirts that we stopped at briefly also.

From there we walked through mostly flat land, some small villages including El Ganso and the cowboy bar.

We almost changed our minds about going on to Foncebaden as it was late, hot and we were tired.

The last bit of the walk was tough, all uphill to Foncebaden. This is a strange town. Literally all the habitable buildings are albergues or bar/ restaurants. Everything else seems to be in ruins, including the streets. We will go to Cruz de Ferro in the morning. I have been carrying things to leave there. Then we will push on, mostly downhill towards Ponferrada.

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