Twenty Three

This morning was misty and foggy. We had a pretty large dump of rain last night (by our standards, not by local standards as they are used to this) and the heavy fog/ mist did not lift until the last 5 kms of our walk today.

We had a bit of a climb out of Portomarín but other than that it was not bad. Most of the trail was well maintained and went through rolling farmland.

There continues to be huge amounts of pilgrims compared to what we have been used to. And although it should not bother us, the trail is sometimes difficult to manage. Walking at a decent pace is hampered by trying to pass slower groups, and then the racers come from behind and are on our heels. Overall it makes it challenging to take photos and to enjoy the silence and solitude of the walk.

Today was challenging also because the fog was heavy and one could not make out much in the distance, again making it hard to take pictures. The fog did eventually lift and we found the beautiful vistas again.

We walked in to Palas de Rei relatively early, found our hostal and got cleaned up. There was a pulperia here so we went and had pulpo again ( boiled octopus). We then visited the church and found a relatively quiet bar to relax in. Overall a nice small town on a hill, and the albergue was decent also.


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