Rest day – Day Fourteen

We woke up in León this morning after a long day yesterday. The plan was to take it easy and move out of the city, and stay about halfway through this stage. We made our way out of the city, stopping at the cathedral, which had just opened for the day. I really just didn’t want to spend the money to go in so we just admired from outside. It is quite stunning the architecture and work that goes in to these places over centuries.

We made our way out of the city, passing through busy streets and industrial areas. There were a few bakeries just opening for the day and we had some delicious goods. We passed through the industrial area rather slowly, just taking it easy today as 33 km yesterday made for a long day.

We made our way to the La Casa del Camino albergue in Valverde da la Virgen, about 11 kms down the road. This was a cool looking place with a large outdoor area to relax and a welcoming fire in the common room. The hosts welcomed us with fresh orange juice. And for 7€ they took care of our laundry, wash and dry.

We had a delicious homemade meal, spaghetti bolgonese for first course, then mixed salad and roast chicken for the second. Our dining companions were from Holland, Germany, Latvia, and the UK.

Tomorrow we will continue west, not sure how far we’ll make it but we’ll take one step at a time.


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