Day Twelve

I left Burgos around 7:00am this morning. The sunlight on the cathedral was stunning. It’s a long time before you actually get out of the cities as you spend so much time going through industrial areas.

I made pretty good time moving through this stage. The way passed through a few smaller villages, under railway and highways and crossed a few small rivers. I breaked for a breakfast snack at Tardajos then continued on. The next community was only 2 km farther and near the end there was a small church where I stopped and went in. The little lady who was seated inside stamped my credential and then presented me with a small medallion on a string, placing it over my head and around my neck. She was giving me a Camino blessing. It was sweet.

I continued on into the Meseta and to Hornillos delCamino. This is normally a stage where people will stop, so it has many cafes and alberques. It was only noon and Ally was travelling to meet me in Hontanas, another 10 km down the road, so after a quick stop and water refill I moved on. The heat was rising and I had lathered on sunscreen in anticipation. My calves were aching after the first 21 km so I had also dropped a salt/mineral tablet in to my water bottle.

I continued on through mostly dirt and gravel trails. The last 10 km in to Hontanas was tough, and I was getting sore. Ally had made it there alright ( I was worried because there was no bus route that goes to Hontanas, but she made it) and checked in to our room. Hontanas is a small village tucked in to the valley. There is farming around the area so likely a farm town. Much of the town is filled with alberques, cafes and bars. And pigeons. There are a few things that I will be glad to be rid of when I go home…..bread – there is bread everywhere, it’s a staple here and I am not used to consuming this much bread, and pigeons – there are pigeons everywhere, in every town and park and in the abandoned buildings and in the church steeples.

Tonight we get some rest and I hope my feet feel better. This is the first day they have been sore, albeit after 32 kms of walking across Spain.


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