Day 11 in Burgos

I decided to bus ahead to Burgos. Ally would have bussed anyways but I thought I would sneak a rest day in also. I wanted to see the cathedral in Burgos and this way we could spend the day without being exhausted. We wandered up to the bus stop, where Ally was dropped off yesterday, and waited for the bus – along with 30 other pilgrims. That surprised me a lot but I think the physical and mental strain has had an effect on many people.

The bus station was only a few blocks from the Cathedral and following the towering spires we managed to find the plaza in front of the cathedral in no time. We found a bar to grab breakfast and the waiter making tapas made us a traditional breakfast of bacon and eggs and toast (a baguette sliced in to three pieces). From there we used the wifi to book a cheap hotel close to the Camino. After getting an early check in, unloading our packs and cleaning up a bit, we headed through the old town to the cathedral.

The art and architecture was stunning! It’s amazing to see some of these pieces up close and the exquisite work in each of the chapels. It’s busy place and there were tourists from all over as well as pilgrims.

We are in Burgos for the night, we’ll rest up and hopefully head out early in the morning towards Hornillos del Camino. If it’s a good day, I will try to overshoot there and stay farther along. We’ll have to see how it goes – just taking one day at a time for now.


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