This one night in Paris….

After a long international flight with Iceland Air, we made it to Paris. And we didn’t get a bunch of sleep on the plane so we were exhausted. But true to form, we checked in to the hotel, showered up and headed out so Ally could see the Eiffel Tower. There are rolling train strikes in France so between the confusion, changing lines and massive crowds, the journey through the city was a little long. We made it though, and enjoyed lunch at a cafe a few blocks from the tower.

We then took a long walk along the River Seine promenade to Notre Dame Cathedral. Evening mass was beginning and we sat in the cathedral and took in the music. It was moving, and so incredibly beautiful. We lit a candle in memory of Mom, and another in memory of Donnas mom.

The trip back to CDG airport and our hotel was a bit more complicated as the RER train station near the Notre Dame was closed and we ended up walking through the whole bustling area to find another station. Once we found another station we had some help getting instructions on where to go, where to switch lines and how to get back to CDG. By this time we were bagged and had a hard time keeping our eyes open, which was a little unsettling on a dark night.

We updated some pictures and checked in with Grant before crashing – much needed sleep!

Today we are off to Biarritz, although having a flight delay from CDG. Then we catch a bus to St Jean Pied de Port, France from which we will begin our Spanish journey on foot tomorrow.


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