Two days….

So we head overseas in two days. And I have packed and re-packed my pack. And I feel like it is too heavy, I don’t have the correct shoes picked out and broke in, I have forgotten to get all my ‘stuff’ caught up before we go….yes, last minute wobbles.  I’m starting to fret.

Over the last couple weeks, I have been able to re-connect with friends that I lost touch with since Mom left us last year. I am beginning to realize how hard the past year has been and how much I regret pulling away from everything, and from everyone. Not only do I have a great family, but I have this huge network of friends from all different parts of my life. And I missed them. So to be able to spend some time in conversation, whether it is stopping on the side of the road for a chat while I am out walking, taking in a concert at a local church, or meeting up for a meal and sticky toffee cake, I have enjoyed it. No judgement or negativity, all just the warmth of friendship. Note to self: appreciate these moments more!

As we take off for Europe, my thoughts will be with a good friend who lost her mother last week, and another who is travelling to be with her father who is ill. So many of us are dealing with loss, grief, struggle. You never really know what is going on inside someone else, or what their burdens are. So, be kind. And love, and be thankful.

Every journey starts somewhere…and now that it is coming up so quickly, the reality of this trip is taking hold. I’m going to try to keep this updated, and I am sure there will be some opportunities to updated the Instagram/Facebook.

Praying for safe travels!


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