103 Days to go…




I’m not sure when it started. I’m not sure how it took hold and became like a mild obsession. But it did. And the reality sets in. Tickets to Paris are booked. Gear has been gathered and sorted. Miles are being logged on foot. And we are working towards our walk to Santiago de Compostela, Spain. Our Way and in Our Time.

One of the very last conversations I had with my mother was about walking half way across Spain. She thought it was a bit crazy, but was somewhat intrigued also. I didn’t know then that it would be the last time I heard her voice. I didn’t know that less than one week later she would be gone. I know I would have said things and done things differently if I knew she would be taken from us. I am glad my  last words to her were “I love you  Mom”.

After Mom passed last spring, and after the ensuing craziness, confusion and brokenness, I decided that I was not going to wait until I was older or retired to pursue this trip, this walking journey, this experience of a lifetime. And the Camino Frances took home of me, then (eventually) it took hold of Ally also. Researching, planning, craving the spiritual fulfillment that a journey like this could bring.

I’ve read numerous books, some twice, and watched many documentaries about travelling the Camino. I’ve seen this road through the eyes of complete strangers, listened for advice and stories, and done some deep soul searching in preparation. Some say that one need not worry about all these things because ‘the Camino provides’, however, Ally and I are both high OCD, and that being said….we need a game plan.

The Scallop Shell is the symbol of the Camino.



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